GPS Car Charger

GPS Car Charger is known as a modern and effectual technology which is known for a combo of GPS Car Tracking unit and dual port USB mobile charger. The Car Charger is adaptable for all brands of cars. With the powerful assistance of this Car GPS Charger you can charge your phone while travelling in your car and monitor the real time whereabouts of your worthy car anytime and anywhere. The device is integrated with GPS Tracking Mobile Application. GPS Car Charger is packed with plug and play attribute due to which it is easy to install in all the brands of cars. You can create numerous geo-zones, charge your phone during your journeys, obtain precise detailed reports such as over speeding, harsh braking, sharp turns, etc by installing this top-notch Car GPS Charger in your cars.

    Features of GPS Car Charger

  • Hidden gadget
  • In-built Charger
  • No wire stripping
  • Parking Notification
  • Plug and Play option
  • Easy to install and use
  • Smart and elegant look
  • Compatible with any vehicle
  • Real-time tracking and alerts
  • SOS alert, Geo-fence alarm & low battery alert

Thus, modernize the overall operations and maintain the safety in each & every journey of your cars by installing this top-notch GPS Car Charger. Furthermore, if you want to buy this device on EMI with easy installments, click on the below link and order the device now.

Your Investment Includes- Available on EMI (easy installments), One year warranty, One year subscription with Sim card & GPS Tracking Mobile App, Safety & theft protection, multiple alarms & alerts, Free fitting and installation at your door-step, No hidden cost.

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