Jaipuriya GPS Software whitelabled via VoxTrail

"Time is a spirit", this expression is very appropriate in aggressive business landscape & this fast pace life. And VoxTrail Software Solutions is the active example for this phrase. Vehicle Tracking devices are the luxury gadgets for the logistics or transportation industries that are responsible to add some quality in their services and force them to stand out among their competitors. We at JAIPURIYA GPS SOLUTION have been benefited and got hike in business from the whitelabeling services rendered by VoxTrail Software Solutions Private Limited.

Logistics and fleet management industries are a multifaceted activity which involves execution, planning, & control on the movement or placement of the vehicles, goods and/or individuals, & related supporting behavior, all within the system intended to attain precise objectives. And the Jaipuriya GPS Software is highly automated and record-keeping for 30 days. Now we have our own branded app and software through which we can explore the market and have potential clients on board.

Multiple benefits of Jaipuriya GPS Software for fleet managers –

  • Fuel Monitoring: With Jaipuriya GPS Software you can now collect and scan the fuel level in the vehicles (fleets). Every trip fuel consumption rates, optimal level, overused or underused fuel rates along with the graphics can be easily monitored by Jaipuriya GPS Software and Jaipuriya GPS Mobile App.
  • Dashboard: As a fleet owner, it has been a boon for my business as the movements of the fleet can be monitored anytime anywhere with Jaipuriya GPS Software and Jaipuriya GPS Mobile App. Now, the fleets can be diagnosed with live –tracking functionality.
  • Geo-Fencing: Jaipuriya GPS Software helps in creating geo-fencing zone alerts with real time information fetching via radio frequency signals.
  • Real-time mapping: Jaipuriya GPS Software integrated with Jaipuriya GPS Mobile App helps in getting real-time details of the route, speed, distance, and time and stoppage intervals along with idle time durations.
  • Graphical Reports: Users with Jaipuriya GPS Software can now fetch graphical and diagrammatical representations of the complete fleets in terms of vehicle status like: - running, parked, offline and total with speed, time, driven duration, distance numerals and driver behaviors.
  • Virtual controlling: Jaipuriya GPS Software helps the users to virtually control the ignition status if the vehicles. During the theft activity, user can cut-off the ignition supply and can stop the theft there and then of the vehicles and goods.
  • Activity and Event Synchronization: Advanced feature of the Jaipuriya GPS Software helps in analyzing the different activities during the trip like: - harsh braking, over speeding, harsh acceleration, diversions etc along with the trip history and playback features.

Many Small to Medium level marketable transportation organizations are using the Jaipuriya GPS Software to ensure the safe transit, curb on the overstated time delays, and reduce the fuel siphoning. Thus, we must say logistics companies with large fleets in large geological area should rely on Jaipuriya GPS Software to restrain on their expenses, offer enhanced service with specific information about their vehicle location & boost their revenue. Positive recommendation to use VoxTrail Software Solutions.