Jaipuriya GPS Mobile App Whitelabeled by VoxTrail

Vehicle possessors are installing the top-notch GPS Vehicle Tracking Device not only to jazz-up their vehicles but also gain the intuitive features such as safety & security throughout transit on the road. Thus, to enhance this safety & security JAIPURIYA GPS SOLUTION offers tech enabled Jaipuriya GPS Mobile App which helps to track & trail all the movements of your vehicles anytime and anywhere. This mobile app is adaptable for latest Android and iPhone versions. The overall protocol of Jaipuriya GPS Mobile App enhances high safety control.

We at JAIPURIYA GPS SOLUTION took a new segment with the white labeled GPS mobile app of VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which is Gurugram based king of GPS industry. Jaipuriya GPS Mobile App serves the top-notch technical functionality with perceive interface that serves all segments utility efficiently. Being a white labeled Mobile App, JAIPUR GPS SOLUTION’s App has furnished with ‘n’ number of advantages to their clientele.

The numerous benefits of Jaipuriya GPS Mobile App which act as the life line of today’s modern era are as follows:

  • Real-time view and live route mapping
  • VoxTrail help center provides 24/7 assistance to the users with live chatting and assistance protocol anytime anywhere.
  • Activity log helps to determine the activity series like over speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, overtaking etc.
  • Instant zone alerts enabling prompt geo-fencing with notifications & alerts.
  • An easy access to the history of trips, playback along with the activities happened in the route can be monitored easily through Jaipuriya GPS Mobile App.
  • Live map route helps in defining the complete details of the vehicle and the GPS Tracker installed in it along with the defined values of speed, distance traveled, time covered, Kilometers and driver behavior patterns.
  • Stay always connected with your drivers & fleets
  • Prevent the inattentive driving and unnecessary loses of your fleet
  • Keep a customary check on fuel consumption rates.
  • Sharing of objects and cloning of app is also an inbuilt embedded feature in Jaipuriya GPS Mobile App that helps the user to remain connected with the client or another person 24X7 via live sharing of objects.
  • Graphical and diagrammatical representation of vehicle’s current positing whether online, offline, running or idle helps the users to analyze the progress reports of the vehicle or driver.
  • Keep a regular check on the fuel consumption rates.
  • Jaipuriya GPS Mobile App is adaptable for different types of devices such as Android and iPhone.
  • JAIPUR GPS SOLUTION along with VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. caters continuous requirements of GPS vendors which get on the inactive Vehicle Identification & regular dispatch founded on the intelligent Business policies. Thus, rely on VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which offers leading VoxTrail Mobile App and Software for monitoring the real time location.